Sounding and surveying

In the early 1990s, Van den Herik decided to set up a sounding and surveying service.

Internal quality assurance and the high standards of accuracy rightly demanded of us by our customers were the driving force behind our investment in knowledge, new surveying methods and equipment.

Since then, this department has grown into a close-knit team of experts performing a range of civil engineering projects with modern hardware and software.

The department can carry out nearly all surveying jobs that present themselves independently, and works in such realms as taking measurements for earth works, pile driving, dredging, rockdumping and such like. In doing so, the department supports ongoing projects. It also provides support for the quantity surveyors and technical preparation department in assessing and calculating the amounts of material needed on the basis of technical data and/or independent measurements. In this way, Van den Herik Sliedrecht can submit reliable, competitive tenders for new projects.

To carry out their tasks, the people in the Sounding and Surveying Service have a wide variety of surveying equipment and software at their disposal.
Depending on the situation and the requirements of the customer, they use their practical understanding to select the right surveying system.
Land surveys are carried out using total stations and GPS equipment.
For hydrographical surveys, the service has access to numerous vessels equipped with professional navigation software and uses multi-beam and single-beam echo sounding in combination with GPS equipment.

Another important task in addition to carrying out hydrographical surveys is the direct control of dredging vessels and GBS vessels. Most of the Van den Herik vessels have a dredging monitoring system. Information from hydrographical surveys can be used in conjunction with theoretical digital models produced by the department for feeding into these systems to support dredging and rockdumping.
The surveying department is constantly refining what it does and, over the last twelve years, has obtained a lot of experience as a result of which it can deliver a high-quality service. As a consequence, civil engineering contractors from outside the company often call on the services of our Sounding and Surveying Service.

Sounding and surveying