• Overnight Accommodation Merwede Safe Harbour Gorinchem

  • Shore and bank protection

    Van den Herik – Sliedrecht, in combination with Strukton Civiel West, acquired the execution of the project "Overnight Accommodation Merwede Safe Harbour Gorinchem".

    This project entails the design and realization of new overnight accommodation moorings in the safe harbour of Gorinchem (at the Merwedekanaal estuary). The following works are to be implemented:

    Mooring facility west:
    The installation of an anchored sheet pile wall and a longitudinal bar cap. A quay road must be installed behind the sheet pile wall.
    In addition, a riverbank- and soil protection installation is installed here alongside the primary barrier.

    Eastern mooring facility:
    Removing a number of mooring posts and replacing them with new mooring posts. Furthermore, a floating jetty with a pontoon and a walkway is installed.

    In addition to the aforementioned activities, waterway dredging of approximately 60,000 m3 is to be implemented.

    Prior to the work, investigations to the quality of the waterbed and detections of Conventional Explosives (from the second World War) must be carried out.