• UXO works at Norther Offshore wind farm

  • Detection of Conventional Explosives

    Norther N.V. commissioned us for the ‘UXO WORKS at Norther Offshore Wind Farm’ project. 

    The project consists of clearing the sea bed and beach of Conventional Explosives (CE). The work is necessary because of the construction of a wind farm off the Belgian coast near Oostende. 


    The total project consists of 3 phases, of which we have responsibility for phase 2. The detection is performed in phase 1. During the detection process we check the data from phase 1 and interpret it (phase 2) for use in phase 3. Where necessary, we may advise the client regarding re-routing of the cable line. We then provide guidance for the approach to possible CE (phase 3).


    Joint Venture


    This project is being carried out in the context of a joint venture. Three organisations have combined their strengths and areas of expertise for this purpose: BomBe, Saricon and Van den Herik Sliedrecht.


    Norther Wind Farm


    The Norther Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm consisting of 44 wind turbines with a maximum capacity of 370 MW. The farm, comprising 44 km², is being constructed in the North Sea off the coast of Belgium, about 23 km from Zeebrugge. The wind farm will produce 1,394 GWh of sustainable energy every year, which is enough for about 400,000 families.


    For more information on Norther N.V., visit www.norther.be.