• Horizontal drilling and detection

Horizontal drilling combined with unexploded bomb detection


An area that is suspected of the presence of Unexploded ordnance (UXO) is not always easy to access for detection. Non-moveable infrastructural objects, buildings waterways may form a serious obstruction. To perform underground UXO detection in hard-to-reach locations, in collaboration with Brownline we have developed an innovative method, the UXOscope.


Benefits of the UXOscope:

  • Minimal disturbance of surroundings
  • Much faster than detection from the surface
  • Detection is combined with the pilot drilling


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The UXOscope combines horizontal drilling with simultaneous detection. This opens up the possibility to detect at hard-to-reach locations , such as:

  • Under buildings, roads, rivers, important infrastructural objects.
  • Near obstructions such as cables  
  • Under airports and busy highways


When an obstacle/obstruction is detected, the drilling process is immediately stopped. The data is analyzed to determine the nature of the obstruction, thus preventing contact with a bomb and the threat of detonation. 


Simultaneous drilling and detection

The UXOscope can be used simultaneously with the pilot drilling and can detect up to 3 m. This length is sufficient to be able to safely lay a tub for e.g.  cables and electrical wires.